Basement Waterproofing

A home with a wet basement or crawlspace can cause serious issues such as mold and cracked and damaged brick and block. Not only can it affect the health of your family, but it can cause structural issues and it can make your home difficult to sell.

Our Patented Process

basementWe utilize a patented process called the Parks' Free Flowing Waterproofing System. This is the only foolproof, cost-effective exterior waterproofing system with a lifetime warranty. 

The Parks' Free Flowing Waterproofing System removes the source of the problem, the water, thus eliminating the issue. The system has a 100% success rate, with ZERO callbacks.

Did you know that uncompacted soil absorbs ground water like a sponge, which creates hydrostatic pressure—forcing water to be "pushed" into your foundation walls? This can lead to mold problems and foundation cracks. But we eliminate 100% of the hydrostatic pressure and drain all of the water quickly and efficiently. You're left with a bone-dry basement or crawlspace—guaranteed for life!

Here are some of the advantages of the external Parks' Free Flowing Waterproofing Systems vs. interior waterproofing systems:

​Parks' Free-Flowing Waterproofing SystemInterior Waterproofing Systems
Lifetime WarrantyLifetime Warranty
Keeps water OUTSIDE of foundation wall protecting your foundation from block corrosion caused by acidic rain waterAllows water into foundation walls accelerating block corrosion and foundation damage
Keeps walls completely bone dry inside and outKeeps walls saturated with acidic rain water never allowing them to dry out due to impermeable membrane covering interior walls of foundation
Lowers humidity levels in basement keeping water away from the OUTSIDE of your foundation wallsNeeds dehumidifier to regulate humidity
Eliminates hydrostatic pressureDoes NOT eliminate hydrostatic pressure, especially toward the top of the wall
Drains ground water and surface water around foundation RAPIDLY away from structure BEFORE it even reached the EXTERIOR of your foundation wall.Water must saturate soil beginning at the top of grade, soak all the way to the bottom of the wall before one drop of water will come out of the weep holes. Very slow at draining water
Uses gravity (which NEVER fails) to exit waterMust have sump pump installed which can fail to exit water
Completely maintinence freeNeeds maintinence
Uses no electricityUses electricity that can fail and causes power bill to rise
Does not require interior slab that supports. the base of the foundation to be removedRequires removal of interior slab which support the base of your foundation walls. After installation, the slab looks "patched" because new cement must be poured agained the old
Eliminates any risk of foundation corrosionAccelerates block corrosion by never allowing walls to dry
Can be installed on ANY home or structureCannot be installed in homes with finished basements without destroying the inside
Does not need a dehumidifierNeeds dehumidifier to regulate humidity
Can repair foundation walls that are damp and not running water into the basementDoes NOTHING for basement walls that are wet or even damp with extreme high humidity. Water MUST be running in the floor to benefit anything
Does not require a sump pumpMakes annoying noise when sump pump activates
Goes to the source of the problem, which is the water coming from the OUTSIDE of your foundation walls. Does NOT "cover" the problem, it actually fixes it!Covers your wet, saturated block walls that are slowing corroding and getting weaker with a "pretty" piece of plastic just so you cannot see it. The problem is still there!

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